Inclusive and Diverse Workplace? 10 Signs Say It’s Not

Is a diverse workplace an agenda for your organizations now? Several companies are striving for the same to improve brand reputation. While some have achieved it, others are showing telltale signs of resisting any change. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Frances Frei shares ten signs that diverse workplace culture is a far cry in your enterprise.

Not Ready for a Diverse Workplace?

Adopting agile methodology cannot enable people to imbibe an agile mindset overnight. Similarly, the management’s decision to implement best practices for diverse workplace will face roadblocks initially. Be wary of these ten signs that reveal you are yet to become a diverse workplace:

A Committee for Inclusivity

Organizations usually assign a group of people to oversee change management. Not all of them are effective, so ensure they follow official guidelines and communication channels at all times.

No Opposition

Brainstorming means that the team would select only the best ideas. Accepting all is not equality but indulgence.

Turning a Blind Eye

People are resisting changes because they think it is already a diverse workplace. Keep your facts ready to prove them otherwise.

Anonymous Concerns

Has the HR asked to address anonymous concerns? Instead of reacting, politely ask the complainant’s name and clarify the air with the coworker soon.


Instead of arguing with the messenger, talk to the lawyer. They would explain the nature of grievance and guide you towards the next step.

Limit to Positivity

Has anybody complained about how fast the company is changing? The underlying meaning is that they have reached the acceptance threshold for positive changes like diverse workplace.

Amicable Transformation

Changes are hard and it is going to be tough if you postpone. Take the opportunities or challenges you have now.

Delayed Plans

They have approved your idea of a Diverse workplace, but you see no action. You have the sanction, so do not wait for ‘the moment’. Act now.

A Passing Frenzy

Though they agreed to your ideas of diversity and inclusion, they suddenly have become unreachable. Pursue it till they start the process.

Past Misfires

Has the management dismissed your idea because it did not work out in the past? Gather knowledge about past actions and analyze why they failed to prove your idea will not.

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