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How to Track Remote Team Workflow?

Now that you have settled with the new normal, how is your remote team workflow? Studies say that remote workers are productive than regular office-goers. And why not? You do not have to wake up early to get ready for office, commute to and fro, or waste time in watercooler discussions. Studies confirm that teams spend 60 more work hours on assigned tasks. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares three tips to track remote team workflow better.

Monitoring Remote Team Workflow

Organizations recently warmed up to remote work options because they wanted to attract global talents. Since most employees are working from home now, you must track how productive they are. Interestingly, your virtual teams work 17 more days annually than those that work from office premises. The remote team workflow of IT professionals has risen significantly. When managed efficiently, there is no doubt that teams can work from their home’s comfort. Here are the three ways you can make it come true with your team:

Bond with Team

Projects derail because of poor team communication and coordination. It is easy to collaborate and understand the unspoken expectations when you bond with your team. Whip up some games that enable people to know their team members better. The little quirks and inside jokes would connect them despite sitting in distributed locations. The more they understand each other, the better they connect, and the more efficient they become. Team efficiency results in your company’s growth.

Bridge the Gap

Since remote workers cannot meet their team every day, they feel left out. Their productivity has increased because they do not have to indulge in unnecessary talks. However, they fear that they missed out on important topics and worry about their job always. Start having regular meetings to fill them in with official and team details.

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