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Do You Follow These Virtual PM Best Practices?

Project managers are leading people from behind their computer screens because of the global pandemic. It is not the same as managing people in person, so you need virtual PM best practices for efficiency. Some leaders rely on applications, while others depend on project management techniques. Nuala Turner gathered data from various digital project managers that are successfully running their show. This article at the Digital Project Manager discovers the ten virtual PM best practices for digital project management.

Narrow Down Virtual PM Best Practices

You become a role model and indispensable to the company when you have a few successful projects to brag about. It is an evolving field, and you must keep the numbers high for your organization to acknowledge you as a reliable project manager. Here are the ten virtual PM best practices that helped others write project success stories:

Continuous Learning

One of your virtual PM best practices should be to evolve your team skills every day. In between sprints, have retrospectives where teams can talk about lessons learned so far.

Tools Matching Team

When you manage teams digitally, you use virtual platforms to share knowledge, interact, and provide feedback. So, the applications must integrate well with the team framework for increased productivity.

Collaborative Risk Management

Instead of working on risk mitigation alone, take your team along. Create a culture where you discuss project issues and solve them together.

Suitable PM Approach

If you are confused about which project management methodology to choose from, select that which resonates with your team behavior. Once your team adjusts to the approach, everything falls in place.

Trust and Visibility

One of the essential virtual PM best practices is to include visibility in your team. Give them clear expectations and how their contributions influence the project. That will increase trust and team bonding.

Measure Results

Virtual PM best practices like setting KPIs to monitor different aspects of the projects help you and the team stay on track. However, be project-specific to avoid losing time sifting through a massive amount of data.

Processes and Standards

You must have protocols to have a consistent work culture across the team. Have virtual PM best practices for meetings, risk reviews, and quality control.

Communicating More Than Usual

You are working with distributed team members that can easily misinterpret your instructions. Repeat yourself if need be to clarify things.

Clear Briefing Strategies

Keep your project scope and task expectations clear so that your team members can work accordingly. Vague requirements can confuse them, but too many details can also restrict their creativity. Maintain a balance in your project briefs.

Participating in Every Situation

Project managers are in the team even before the goals and requirements are set. Take what you have and always strive to gain more insights.

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