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Importance of Project Managers in the Global Epidemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has severely affected the economy worldwide. Enterprises are still strategizing ways to resume regular work routine. A majority of the workforce continues working remotely. Nonetheless, IT projects cannot afford to halt. So, how does the pandemic impact IT projects? And what role do project managers play? Are they mere paper-pushers on payroll, or do they get paid for forcing their teams to perform?

In this article at PMTips, Eduard Hernàndez clears all your doubts about a project manager’s roles and responsibilities in the pandemic. He outlines how they are adapting to the crisis to overcome its impact on their organization.

The Pulse of the Project

The stakeholders are the lifeline of a project, then managers are its pulse. Without you, no communication, collaboration, or resolution can happen. A manager’s role goes far beyond the seamless execution of a project plan or stakeholder interaction. You act as an indispensable interpreters of their project’s vision.

The project manager’s imagination defines the future strategic roadmap of the organization. You are the mastermind with an idea to bring significant transformations.

Going the extra mile is a fundamental challenge in the current scenario and limits the power of project managers. So, to adapt to the new paradigm, you must integrate advanced strategies and take the lead to achieve success.

New Paradigm

The project economy is proof that transformation is crucial to survive the pandemic. An intangible change fosters the usage of projects to resolve problems and overcome the emerging market challenges. Agile mindset delivers value in a disruptive situation using the project economy as a key to evolve. Skilled project managers with exposure to advanced automated techniques help in surviving the real-world challenges. You are capable of capturing the vision and changing dynamics of the socially distant world.

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