Beware of Trojan, Backdoor, Trojan-Dropper!

The exponential growth of internet interconnections has led to a significant increase in cyberattacks with disastrous consequences. Cybercriminals are spending more money, developing more complex malware with better capabilities, and businesses must be aware of what the biggest threats are.

In this article at TechRepublic, Lance Whitney explains that trojans, backdoor, and trojan-droppers are the top most common cyber threats. Let’s understand how they harm your computer network.

Understanding Trojan, Backdoor, and Trojan-Dropper

“A trojan is a type of malware that masquerades as a legitimate program to trick the recipient into running it,” explains Lance. Once you activate the program, a trojan will spy on your activities, set up backdoor access to your device, and steal sensitive data.

The backdoor is a specific type of trojan that infects a device without the knowledge of the user. Once the system is infected, a backdoor will remotely take control over the machine to delete data, execute programs, and steam confidential files.

A trojan-dropper covertly installs additional malware onto a system.

For cybercriminals, using one of these could provide an abundance of data, about the clients and the company. It would give them access to intellectual property or other secrets. However, adequate security software won’t allow a user to open a malicious email attachment or browse malicious links, thereby stopping a backdoor from reaching a computer. 

How to Prevent the Attacks?

One way to prevent an endpoint attach is by setting up high endpoint security that combines prevention, detection, and analysis of the root cause of the attack. Another way to combat an endpoint attack is through behavioral analytics. It observes parameters such as network behavior, user behavior, and also looks for tasks and patterns that are beyond  organizational norms.

These monitoring techniques will undoubtedly prevent an endpoint attack. To know more about trojan, backdoor, and trojan-dropper, click on

Nivedita Gopalakrishna

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