3 Powerful Phrases that Improve Your Leadership Skills

Leaders cannot lead effectively unless they clearly convey their expectations. They must choose their words that help other employees grow in their careers. It is only by initiating the right conversations that leaders can accomplish positive outcomes and achieve the goals as a team. In this article at Forbes, Chris Westfall points out the impactful conversation phrases that leaders must use to improve their leadership skills.

Relevant Phrases that You Must Use

“I Want to Be Transparent with You.”

Initiating conversations this way not only displays openness but also leads to more engaged employees and teams. Transparency helps in building trust. Such conversations can be in response to team goals, formal performance reviews, idea proposals, or having conversations with employees about their general career aspirations. Defining attainable and clear goals is the best way to progress forward as a team – and the organization.

“What’s Working?”

Focusing on positive aspects will help you in guiding your team members in the right direction to achieve the organizational, team, and individual goals. By focusing on the positive aspects of work, you can undoubtedly expect lowered stress rates and a more satisfied workforce. Furthermore, by using these conversation phrases, you will feel better equipped to reach the set goals.

“Let’s Try it Your Way.”

These phrases let the individuals know you are open to their ideas and trust their expertise. This conversation recognizes the team member’s plan and conveys a sense of responsibility. Identifying an individual’s efforts is an easy way to increased productivity, the feeling of loyalty, and better engagement. Besides, recognizing employees’ efforts has proven to increase the feeling of adequacy and self-confidence in their work. You can also utilize simple phrases such as, “That’s a great idea,” to provide your positive feedback that your employees desire.

Remember, as a leader; you set the tone of the workplace. Your conversation must reflect a shared agenda that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives, and also foster a supportive and productive environment.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/chriswestfall/2020/07/03/the-3-most-important-words-in-the-leadership-conversation/#2ef43daa5633.

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