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Review the Past to Find Direction for the Post-Pandemic Phase

Governing actions, supply chain disruption, and other alarming issues challenged the IT management teams recently. Not just organizations, but government authorities also searched for an existing gap in their crisis management plans. Valuable insights prove helpful in boosting the crisis response.

In this article at Risk Management magazine, Suzanne Folsom and her fellow author Rob Garretson define the need for reviewing the post-crisis condition.

Post-Crisis Plan

Companies are spending a majority of their time and workforce skills to plan and prepare for upcoming challenges. Identify your strengths and overcome weaknesses to improve your market position. Encourage employees to detect flaws themselves to find result-oriented, futuristic solutions. Follow these steps to form a new set of rules for the post-pandemic phase:

Evaluate Your Baseline

Team members must analyze their strategies. Evaluate yourself in terms of disaster planning. How agile were you to handle the crisis in each phase? What is your learning from the whole experience? Have you initiated strategies and contingency plans for the future?

Review Accountability

To ensure long-term success, all must understand and comply with their responsibilities, decisions, and actions. It is critical to understand and review your responsibility to drive the desired results. Get a clear understanding of the situations that occurred and your ability to solve problems.

Initiate Practical Changes

Identify existing opportunities by weighing every aspect of your performance towards company growth in the crisis. Categorize flaws in your plans, processes, procedures, and protocols. Form a beneficial feedback loop to improve learning and maintain confidentiality.

Improve the Action Plan

Instead of merely appreciating each other, find out what worked well and how. The practice would help you refine your next crisis management plans further. Failure teaches you more lessons than success. So, brainstorm strategies used by peers that did not work favorably earlier. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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