Job Security, Not for Sure in the Age of Automation

With the growing usage of automated technologies like artificial intelligence, machine, and deep learning, speculation of job loss for security personnel is growing. Automated tools can replace the cybersecurity workforce, especially those working from remote locations. In this article at Dark Reading, Corin Imai explains that automation already eliminated security analysts.

Face the Fact

According to a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute of 1,027 US and UK IT security practitioners, automation requires support. Without IT security practitioners, It cannot produce desired results.

Catalyst for Opportunities

Automated tools cannot replace human capabilities to think and plan. About 68 percent of survey respondents believe that the involvement of humans is critical to perform automation. Instead of considering automation as a threat, work on your skills, and remain ahead of the curve. Follow these guidelines to grow:

Get Expertise in Running Automation

About 39 percent of respondents believe automation enhances their ability to prioritize vulnerabilities. By continually developing your skills to mitigate risks, you can overcome the fear of job loss.

Seek Out an Experienced Mentor

Almost 53 percent of survey respondents mark that their organizations are not willing to adopt automation because of lack of internal experts to manage it. Now, here is an opportunity for you to grow. Be the internal resource that can manage automated processes. Seek help from a skilled mentor to learn new techniques.

Promote Your Skills

Nearly 69 percent of the respondents suggest organizations lack the resources to run automated tools. Plan a way to conduct internal automation. Showcase your understanding of the automation technology by initiating a hybrid approach.


Try measuring the accuracy, effectiveness, and time management of the automation techniques. While doing an ROI analysis, calculate the maintenance cost. Display the business value of advanced methodologies to change the perceptions of senior management. Convince them about the merits of automation. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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