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Are You Facing These ITAM Challenges? Here’s What You Must Do

Companies have increasingly become reliant on technology. However, many organizations lack the experience, skill, knowledge, or people to implement the technology and process to manage IT assets properly. The solution to these IT challenges is IT asset management, often known as ITAM. This is the most critical activity you must do to control, protect, and manage your enterprise’s IT environment.

In this article at Joe the IT Guy, Joe explains the key ITAM challenges and offers guidance on how to handle them in the “new normal.” Let’s take a look at the ITAM challenges.

Top 3 ITAM Challenges

The Silo-ed Organization

The organizational barrier is one of the biggest obstacles ITAM faces. In a larger organization, ITAM becomes more fragmented, and there is a greater challenge in syncing the individual silos within the organization. Further, each silo within the organization – whether it is a division, single group, or a large team – has a vested interest in an ITAM initiative. For instance, the help desk may want to integrate software to increase efficiency and productivity. On the contrary, CFO may want to incorporate software to obtain transparency into the financial data and how it relates to vendor contracts. ITAM often fails due to the decentralization of a common goal.

No One Owns ITAM

Most often, people believe that ITAM is someone else’s problem. Senior management fails to set out an appropriate governance structure for ITAM, underpinned with framework and policies. Many a time, information and cybersecurity team fails to ensure that the environment is protected.

Lack of Support from C-Level Management

One of the significant issues that IT asset managers face is the perception and communication issue. C-suite executives and decision-makers perceive ITAM as an administrative function that barely contributes to the overall IT organization’s operations and profitability. Lack of knowledge about the ITAM environment obstructs long-term planning for the enterprise – whether about group alignment, change management, or divestitures.

How to Overcome the Challenges?

Executives must make sound strategic decisions while implementing ITAM. The implementation, planning, and maintenance of the ITAM program demand specialization and cooperation from a variety of areas within the organization.

Know Where You Are

Understanding your organization’s current ITAM functions and concerns is your first step in identifying money-saving solutions. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish and know if you are focusing on correcting an internal team process gap.

Find the Players

Once you have identified the issues and concerns, evaluate who are the key players that can help you in achieving efficiencies. Is it the CIO, managers, mid-level managers, or VP of data centers?

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