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People Management: A Crucial KRA for Managers to Pay Attention

Business management is not limited to growth, revenue, or client’s loyalty. It also requires people who work hard to bring successful outcomes. In this article at Medium, Cameron Warren explains the art of people management to retain top employees.

Inefficiency to Manage People

A good manager is a blessing to the team, whereas toxic leaders create a contaminated work environment that leaves top performers burned out. They cause emotional distress that compels employees to start looking for a new job. If you are a tough boss, here are three changes required to improve your people management strategy:

Trust Your Staff

Many employers do not trust their employees and train their managers to do the same. Instead of disbelieving or mistreating your staff, extend support. They can deliver the best results. Once you start treating your team as a group of responsible adults, they would reciprocate reasonably. Instead of creating unwanted anxiety, allow them to own the given task and deliver quality work.

Offer Empathy

Practice empathy and try to understand your the situation of your employees. Offer them a suitable solution to tackle the problems they face. If their condition may affect a deadline, help them meet their goals. Otherwise, move the timeline. Your act of kindness would win their trust in you.

Nurture Them Like a Product

Organizations spend enough time and budget on developing, improving, and refining a product. However, most of them do not give the same attention to the staff. If you consider your team as crucial as the product, they would provide you with more effective results. Treat your employees as a significant element of your business strategy. Extend job satisfaction to get quality results. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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