Digital Disruption

Initiate Digital Transformation Experiments and See the Magic!

Digital transformation is no more a trend. It is a need to run a business in the modern market successfully. It helps organizations produce unique and digitally advanced projects and products.

In this article at the Enterprisers Project, David. F. Carr explains that organizations that are open to experiment can successfully utilize various benefits of digital transformation.

Turn Theory into Practice

Experimentation is easy, but the transformation is challenging. To successfully implement digital transformation, an organization must have a clear vision and business objective. Here is how you can turn the experiments into a routine practice:

Invest Time and Budget

Innovation is the by-product of an experiment. If you are open to taking the test, get the budget and staff approved for it. Also, you have to justify the ROI calculation. To initiate transformative experiments, you must learn to take more risks.

Organize Wisely

As you decide the budget, be careful of forming a reliable team to run the experiment. A disconnected innovation team cannot bring the desired products to the market. One of the most significant elements of a digital transformation procedure is to identify an innovative idea to crack the most profitable deals.

Run Hackathons

To foster digital innovation, allow your employees to spend more than half of their work hours on side projects. Perhaps, it is impossible for most of the organizations working with limited available resources.

You can also find space to run a hackathon and promote experiments with new tools and technologies. Another way to make room for productive hackathons is to ask employees to solve a long-standing problem.

Hackathons may prove useful in encouraging the staff to initiate innovative experiments and find great ideas for the customers.

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