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How to be a Better Leader During Crisis?

The roles and responsibilities of business leaders have drastically changed in the last few months. Before COVID-19, leaders focused mostly on driving revenue and fostering innovation. Today, leaders must make rapid decisions on maintaining liquidity and controlling costs. What sets apart the great leaders from the rest is their ability to withstand, thrive, and lead people in high-pressure situations.

In this article at Business2Community, Pual Keijzer shares some practical strategies to help leaders work efficiently under pressure.

Tips for Navigating Turbulent Times

Be Visible

During the crisis, as a great leader, make yourself always visible. Remember, when your employees are nervous during a crisis, they would want to hear from you. Simply showing up will undoubtedly go a long way towards fostering relationships and building trust across your team.

Create a Positive Environment for Employees

As the best leader, work towards counteracting cynical news and focus on what can be done at work. Engage your employees in meaningful work. Employees stay more focused when they have a clear picture of their goals at work and supported by their team.

Be an Active Listener

The best way to keep a pulse on your team is through active listening. Understand their point of view and respond accordingly. Listening to employees’ grievances will make them feel heard, builds trust, and increases your influence as a great leader.

Train Your Team for Crisis

As a leader, you are navigating ever-changing priorities with limited time to react. However, investing some time in supporting and coaching your team to handle the crises will go a long way in boosting your effectiveness.

Leading your team with perseverance during a crisis will make you ready for the next battle and many more to come. To learn more about this topic, click on https://www.business2community.com/leadership/leadership-under-pressure-5-strategies-to-get-better-results-during-a-crisis-02311179.

Nivedita Gopalakrishna

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