CIOs, Switch to Innovative Technologies to Conduct Productive Meetings

The project or product teams attend multiple meetings to deliver the best results. However, if the team members spend half of the day attending meetings, how can they justify productivity? So, here is a solution.

In this article at TechTarget, George Lawton explains that technical issues can disrupt daily meetings and team updates. To overcome this issue, CIOs must adopt advanced technologies.

Meetings Need a Makeover

Reduce the duration of extensive meetings by using sophisticated software. Follow these easy steps to bring out the best from each session you conduct or attend:

Keep It Short

Since virtual meetings are an ongoing trend, the IT department must find ways to improve its quality. By using digital conferencing tools with added 3D-spatial audio, you can mix all the voices into a file and distribute them equally. Thus, all future audio conferences or meetings would feel less virtual and more real.

Modern Setup

Try automated conference room software to reduce the mechanical friction during all the virtual meetings. Many software are efficient in detecting issues and sync your calendar to establish a seamless connection. These tools can identify participants with facial recognition techniques.

Automate Transcription

Artificial intelligence can inevitably transcribe the minutes of the meeting. You can use it to offer an instant synopsis of the meeting agenda to all participants. It helps you create captions and index content for further research. The automated captions can boost user engagement and allow businesses to gather feedback from the team leads.


The technically advanced teams can switch to ChatOps to combine text communication and IT operations. They can analyze, manage, and envision the technical infrastructure of the conversation. The capabilities can also streamline meetings with the staff members less familiar with the advanced technologies.

Online Meeting Notes

Some web applications have templates to document meeting agendas and notes to help you easily distribute project tasks to among team members. Once accepted, each individual can fill out their part of the work on the list before the meeting. Thus, you can maintain consistency in work discussions.

Automation Schedules

It helps you identify a standard time suitable for meetings. It can integrate with other applications and update your calendar to generate a room code for video conferencing. The software is best to conduct one-on-one interactions with the team and help everyone pick a suitable slot.

Easy Polling

It is a beneficial tool to conduct an employee survey through online polls before and during long meetings. It makes project meetings more interactive because employees can share their queries and concerns before the meeting.

Shared Whiteboards

These are online spaces to collect agendas, ideas, and decisions in ongoing meetings. Participants can track progress in real-time without waiting for verbal clarification.

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