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5 Tips for Managers to Tackle Stakeholder Conflict

Project priorities, schedules, or technical augmentation, there are thousands of reasons to trigger conflicts. Each individual involved in a project can cause major conflicts. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares the best approaches for project managers to handle stakeholder conflicts. They can occur internally or externally.

Truce with Stakeholders

The project managers are bound to attend a series of meetings with key stakeholders. Keeping them updated about the project progress or hurdles is crucial. The regular update may trigger unexpected conflicts with them.

Often differences between your and stakeholder’s visions also cause conflict. Follow these conflict management tips to maintain truce with them:

Address the Root Cause

Even if you do not like arguments or undesirable disagreements, evading them might turn complicated later. It may also cause significant damage. So, clarify issues with the stakeholder and streamline your project progress.

Learn to be Accountable

Some project managers are lenient and get involved in unnecessary detailing. They emphasize on the point of conflicts and fail to share their real intent. To avoid such roadblocks, pick words sensibly.


Find a feasible solution to get on the same page with your stakeholders. Your bright ideas can encourage them to compromise.

Never Force Your Opinion on Them

You have the authority to make an independent decision. Nonetheless, keep your team involved in crucial decisions. If your team disagrees with your choices, do not force them to go ahead with it. It may undermine your existing position.


Always look for a logical approach to solve differences of opinion with team and stakeholders. Carefully plan and execute alternative strategies to resolve any conflict.

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