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Take These Online Courses to Upgrade Your Management Skills

Are you looking forward to brushing up your project management skills? If you want to get your resume ready for hiring, then here are some project management courses that you must make use of. In this article at TechRepublic, Todd R Weiss shares a list of online courses available at Project Management Institute (PMI) that will help you expand your project management skills and knowledge.

Online Courses for Project Management Skills

PMI is offering a wide range of project management training materials for you to bolster your skills and rethink work processes and procedures. Here is brief information about some of the courses for you.

Standard Plus

This is a PMI online course that helps you understand how to apply project management tools practically at work. The course lets you explore original articles, audios, videos, and downloadable templates and case studies.

Projectified Podcast

This course informs the project managers or aspiring project managers about emerging trends that are impacting the world of project managers, from artificial intelligence to digital transformation to career development. The podcasts shed light on the insights and perspectives of senior project managers.


Are you a busy professional with no time to take up a course? Do not worry. Snippets are for project management professionals who want bite-sized yet smart learnings that fit into their schedules. This course allows you to drill down to exactly what you need to know. Besides, adding snippets to your personalized learning dashboard will help you track your progress.

Tower Game

Tower Game is a project management exercise that teaches project management professionals to consider cost, quality, time, and risks associated with a project. The activity can be used as a stand-alone exercise, ‘ice-breaker,’ or as a part of the class.

“By learning processes to adapt to change, business leaders and workers can be ready to pivot as needed in any situation,” says Todd. For any business leader, practicing collaborative leadership skills is essential. If you are eager to upgrade your project management skill, click on to learn more about the project management course.

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