Ransomware in Global Crisis: A Perfect Plan by Cyber Hackers Unmasked

When the entire world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, sophisticated cybersecurity attackers were performing ransomware attacks. In this article at Wired, Lily Hay Newman unveils the swift moves that hackers planned for months to impose high debt security attacks on the healthcare industry.

Factual Aspect

According to a recent research by Microsoft, the ransomware attackers are making every possible effort to worsen the global crisis worst. They are frequently pushing the healthcare units to pay big money amid the ongoing life-or-death urgency. These hackers were preparing to bring down the industry for years.

Intricate Aspects Unveiled by Microsoft

At present, when risks are high, resources are limited, the hackers are acting vicious. Rob Lefferts, Corporate VP of Microsoft 365 security, defines cyber-attackers as mute spectators who wait for the right opportunity. They breach the security system when defense is low and the profit margin is high.

With a preliminary attack, the hackers get access to the healthcare network. They then wait for a couple of days to seize the best prospect and contaminate the system. By observing a range of prominent ransomware stunts like Robbinhood, Maze, and REvil, Microsoft’s team has uncovered this fact.

The technology giant’s research team also noted that the hackers enter the initial network by misusing unpatched vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. Some attackers seize a widely publicized flaw in the ‘Pulse Secure VPN’ while others exploit the existing gap in the remote management system.

Some attackers even tried accessing insecure configurations of some of the Microsoft products. They are clever enough to assume passwords of the remote desktop protocol without breaching multiple authentications. The majority of the technology users overlook the issue and do not fix it.

Lefferts believes that the ransomware used by hackers is untraceable. Multiple cyber-attack groups copy each other to target different security systems. These groups are smart enough to rotate their fundamental structure by merely changing their IP addresses, which is difficult to trace.

The best way to beat ransomware amid the COVID-19 pandemic is to get all the ambiguities fixed and use highly confidential passwords that are difficult to guess. Also, it is of utmost importance for healthcare enterprises to upgrade their security monitoring capabilities. The crises also highlight new ways to act upon illegal practices. So, take the right step and guard your data now. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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