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How to Create a Compelling Project Status Report?

The weekly project status report is highly essential for the communication flow of a project. This is where project managers assign tasks, report progress, set expectations, agree on timeframes, and acknowledge issues. However, all project status reports are not created equally. Further, not all organizations have the same project status report “template.” So, what goes into creating a compelling project status report?

In this article at The Digital Project Manager, Robyn Birkedal explains the ways of creating a thorough and informative project status reports.

What Should You Include in the Project Status Report?

Task Progress

The report must give stakeholders an overview of the project’s progress by tracking open, finished, and future tasks. Cover all the essential active tasks on the project schedule. This is the basis for most of the discussions that will happen on the weekly status call or meeting with the client and project team. Additionally, never forget to mention the upcoming task because the report ensures no one is surprised when an activity is about to start.

Risks and Change Requests

As a project manager, you must keep track of potential risks and change requests. Have a separate section in your report to track the potential risks. You must alert stakeholders about any open threats and your management plan to deal with them. Further, the change request section must keep track of change requests. For example, you might want clients or stakeholders to increase the budget of the project, if there is a change in the project scope. Emphasize what steps stakeholders must take to deal with each request.

Essential Tools and Documents

Your team will want to view the details of their specific tasks. As you will not put the details of the complete project in the status report, add links to documents and tools associated with the project in the relevant sections.

Are you ready to make a great status report now? Well, if you still need detailed information on creating a project status report, click on


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