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Simple Steps for Team Management in a Matrix Environment

Many project managers have adopted a matrix organization structure to facilitate effective and responsive participation of people from different parts of the organization. In a matrix environment, the pathway to project success is not created by the structure. Instead, it is a result of the relationships that are developed within the project team. In this article at PM Times, Dan Travieso shares some tips for effective team management.

How to Manage Teams in Matrix Environment?

Project Champion is Necessary to Achieve Success

Many team members won’t always respond to the project manager’s requests. However, assessing every individual’s performance by someone up the corporate ladder helps project managers take the project forward to successful completion. An authoritative champion will undoubtedly help you avoid failure.

Create an Oversight Committee

This committee should comprise functional managers who have a stake in the project. Creating an oversight committee in a matrix environment gives each functional manager a focus on their goals and helps the project move along. Additionally, this committee will give project managers an insight into any conflicting demands on people’s effort and time.

Provide Team Members with Project Details

Define each team member’s responsibilities and the project work as clearly and concisely as possible. Using checklists and shared apps will help you set the goals and assist you in connecting people’s work to the goals of the team and vision of the organization.

Recognition and Rewards

It is important to reward people who go above and beyond to complete project goals. In matrix project teams, rewards and recognition are essential because collaboration and project demand a considerable amount of work from both the team and the individual to get to the point of operating smoothly together to achieve project goals.

Succeeding with matrix management requires an active involvement and communication of all parties. To read the full article, click on


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