Project Portfolio Management

Significance of PPM to Attain Strategic Alignment and Lead the Game

Strategically sound decisions and actions are crucial to achieving success in any field. The right approach with a hint of calculative risk can turn unexpected outcomes possible.

In this article at PMWold 360, Francesco Pecoraro explains the significance of project portfolio management (PPM) to outline the best strategies for a project or venture.

PPM for Strategic Development

PPM is a consolidated route to achieve strategic objectives while bridging the existing gaps between strategy and implementation. It specifies how an organization can leverage its project selection and execution to align with the management process and achieve potential outcomes. Here are some significant ways to use the PPM process to implement diverse strategies:

Corporate Strategy:

PPM helps in converting corporate policies into expected results. Many organizations fail in turning their vision into reality and PPM supports plans and sets priorities to fill this gap. Moreover, it helps in achieving periodic goals, cancellation of the volatile projects, or manage delays.

Business Strategy

PPM helps project teams gain a competitive edge by shortlisting the right tools and methodologies to evaluate the project costs. Thus, project managers can ascertain the business operating cost and take a calculated risk.

Functional Strategy

The primary objective of a PPM process is to maximize project value and strategically align the project with the growing business needs. A functional strategy supports and streamlines the primary goal. Also, it highlights the project that fits best with the rest of the portfolio by contemplating the correlation.

Strategic orientation is essential to execute an innovative plan. To dominate a market segment, enterprises must know what works in their favor. To shortlist and innovative viable project plans, a lot of brainstorming over internal and external factors is necessary. PPM can accomplish these objectives. It helps in utilizing effective strategies to produce significant results.

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