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Promising Outcomes of the CMO and CIO Collaboration

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and a Chief Information Officers (CIO) belong to two diverse fields. Yet, technology has brought them close to make promising digital innovations.

In this article at CIO, Aaron Goldberg explains that the collaboration between CMO and CIO symbolizes lucrative business opportunities.

Powerful Two

CIOs are skilled in offering improved technical support, while the CMOs can strategize innovative marketing ideas. Together, they can improve customer experience and market position of the company. Here are some more advantages that come out of the CMO/CIO collaboration:

Desired Performance

Both can cover and address technical system glitches. They can come up with promising marketing tools and applications that can automate the manual effort.

Cybersecurity and Data Backup

Confidential data is the company asset, and employees are responsible for protecting it. CIOs and CMOs can take crucial steps to maintain cybersecurity and prevent anticipated threats.

Improved Customer Experience

Clear communication between staff members reflects on customer experience. Effortless workflow among teams helps in addressing customer queries on time and develop a long-term alliance with them.

Improved Service

Automated customer support eliminates the service gap. However, if the customer data is in different spaces, undesirable issues may occur. To address the same, CIOs and CMOs can make significant changes in the system together.

IT Governance

Data privacy and protection is crucial for marketing division because they bank on massive customer data. The regulatory bodies are vigilant about the data security systems, and marketing teams need close intervention of skilled IT professionals for it.

Together, CMOs and CIOs can enable advanced marketing initiatives and improve the digital capabilities of their organizations. IT can automate conventional operating systems and bring digital innovation to assist marketers in boosting business outcomes. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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