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Project Management: A Guide for Beginners

Embarking on your first project management role will undoubtedly be daunting. The key to success is the leadership and a shared sense of urgency to bring the project to completion along with the right resources and tools. Many aspects of being a project manager are learned along the way and through experience. In this article at Project Practical, the author shares a few project management tips to help you get started.

Simple Tips for Beginners

Choose the Right Tools

Picking the right project management tool is extremely important for a beginner. Firstly, you must choose a tool that is easy for you to understand. Secondly, select tools that will help you keep up with the project task and statuses on both computer and mobile devices. Finally, utilizing the apps that allow you to create Gantt charts, task lists, automation, baselines, and specific calendars is crucial.

Use Templates

As a project manager, you must not only prepare yourself for projects but also paperwork involved with managing it. Planning the meetings, creating status reports, and drafting e-mail updates demands you to get ready for paperwork. Therefore, gather some time-saving and handy templates. Make use of templates that cover all your project needs.

Brace Yourself for Persistent Change

Projects, unfortunately, don’t run as smoothly as planned from start to finish. You may have to face situations where your team is required to make changes as requested by the client in the middle of the project, or a short-term system problem may prevent your entire team from completing tasks. As a beginner, you must be ready to handle the change by being adaptable and flexible when issues arise.

Know the Project Inside Out

Identify the clients and the stakeholders. Understand their expectations and interests regarding the project. Then, develop a project plan where the roles and the job responsibilities must be clearly defined. Further, establish measurable and trackable success criteria to ensure if the project is on track or not.

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