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Effortless Time Management & Productivity Hacks for Remote Teams

Working from home can be profiting only for those who have mastered the art of time management and productivity. In this article at Founder’s Guide, the author suggests some result-oriented practices for those who work from remote locations.

Deal with Distractions

Home comfort often leads to multiple distractions and lack of focus that undermine productivity. To deal with interruptions, you must design a work plan that has no room for it. The more you enjoy your task list, the better your focus turns out to be. Here are some smart ideas to concentrate better:

Be Agile

Learn and incorporate the Kanban methodology. You can use Kanban tools to organize your daily tasks. Make a note of all the tasks in hand and decide the ideal time to work on them. The tasks that need utmost attention and brainstorming, finish them on priority, or during that time of the day when you can focus very well. Dedicate the easier tasks before and after productive hours of the day.

Automate Tedious Tasks

You can use tools like TimeTackle to divide boring tasks into a work management manual by turning your calendar into a timesheet. Keep a daily tab on team’s and your productivity. It will help you find the existing gaps and strategize ways to bridge them. A practical tool can help you skip the repetitive tasks by automating them. Train your team to utilize the it efficiently.

Integrate Seamless Communication

To maintain consistency, use a maximum of two tools to communicate with the teams. Slack has gained enough recognition to maintain seamless communication between team members. Trello or Basecamp is sufficient to share substantial data files or documents.

Extend Acknowledgement

Many managers pay no heed to team appreciation or may end up lauding one or two members only. Being biased never works in favor of your team’s progress. It downsizes the morale of other team players. So, encourage everyone to boost their confidence and improve productivity.

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