Hey, Manufacturers! It’s Time to Adopt IIoT

In today’s technologically advanced world, virtually every home has some form of a connected device, be it a smartphone, Google Home, video doorbells, smart plugs, smart lighting, and even networked microwaves and refrigerators. We can control, connect, and gather data from these devices anywhere in the world. Well, this is the Internet of things (IoT) for you.

The industrial IoT, often referred to as IIoT, is much more advanced and offers enormous financial benefits to manufacturers. IIoT has eliminated the need for the operator to persistently monitor equipment or processes as information is collected, processed, and reported on a real-time basis. In this article at IoTnews, José Manuel Benedetti explains the importance of the IIoT for manufacturers, the hurdles, and ways to overcome it.

Benefits of IIoT for Manufacturers

  • Some features of IIoT, which include asset utilization, enhanced uptime, and better inventory management, can undoubtedly help manufacturers improve quality control, achieve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.
  • The connected enterprise indicates higher quality products, reliable production outputs, predictive maintenance, and more focused leadership.
  • IIoT helps in optimizing the safety of workers, equipment, and operations in manufacturing units.

Major Barriers to IIoT Adoption

Many organizations have reported not having enough access to the talent or resources they need. Lack of expertise and training are the biggest roadblocks for almost half of the IIoT adopters. Many companies have also reported the lack of skilled workers and resources to train other employees. Lack of budget, security concerns, and difficulty in finding the right solution to technical issues are other challenges faced by the manufacturing units.

How to Begin?

Manufacturers must understand that IoT initiatives will not succeed instantly. In fact, many projects might end up failing. Additionally, embarking on IoT should not be viewed as a massive, company-changing effort, instead of a series of small tests that have the potential to improve the revenue and boost customer retention.

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