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Top 5 PPM Software: The Right Choice to Monitor Project Progress

When an organization runs multiple projects at the same time, the PPM tool becomes a need to perform the right tasks at the right time.

In this article at, Jose Maria Delos Santos explains the significance of PPM in achieving the company’s goals. Align each department to compete and chase a common goal of on-time delivery of approved projects.

Top-Down Approach

There is a range of digital PPM software available to manage multiple projects with limited resources. They provide a top-down view of the projects. But instead of using various tools, applications, or software, select one option that gives adequate insight. Here are some PPM software to monitor project progress and improve productivity:

  • A strong team is vital to develop successful projects, and is a software that can make the impossible task of effective teamwork possible. The software helps in organizing the tasks by maintaining everything on a common platform. Available for a 14-days free trial, can automate the team’s work with infinite dashboards and security features.
  • Clarizen: It is an online PPM software offering collaborative solutions to share common goals and streamline work. Clarizen aligns diverse tasks and methodologies to readjust projects strategies. The software is efficient in addressing multiple issues, risks, and requests. Its ‘Clarizen Eagle’ application makes it easy to track and manage teams. The software is available for a 30 days free trial to test and verify its exclusive features.
  • Mavenlink: It’s a cloud-based solution that helps in tracking project progress, duration, resource plan, and budget. Yet another collaborative platform, Mavenlink, helps in enhancing the financial and operational ability of a venture. Available for ten days of free trial, the software offers a PPM tool that can form project groups to assemble programs and portfolios of ongoing projects swiftly. It gives clarity over the project’s progress and keeps it on track.
  • Sciforma: The software enables PMOs and project managers to gain growth and strategic objectives via active PPM. The software uncovers robust portfolio status overviews, project scores, capacity planning, and more. It helps address ongoing project challenges.
  • Jira Software: The software helps in tracking project issues online, and helps the user plan more significant projects, track its progress while keeping the stakeholders informed. With a visual timeline, the software enables users to get a clear picture of the project progress and share it with the teams at a common platform. So, it becomes easier to maintain consistency and keep the project plan on track.

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