Reduce the Cyber Security Risks by Erasing Old Accounts

The growing rage for cybersecurity issues raises questions over the level of vigilance required to maintain confidentiality. In this article at Comparitech, Sam Cook explains that the old email accounts are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If the users remain ignorant about any online information, it may turn against your brand, and even leads to significant data theft.

Delete! Not That Easy

Deleting an online account is not easy. If you think that only by clicking a ‘delete’ button in account settings will do the needful, then your knowledge is limited. Nowadays, many websites hide their account removal methods in a network of multiple web pages.

To make account deletion easier, use a customized service that can navigate you to the account termination process. Try these two websites to maintain the security of your online data by deleting online accounts:

  • AccountKiller: Listed with more than 1,500 websites and online services in its archive, AccountKiller is one of the best options to remove online details. To delete an old account with AccountKiller, the user must use the search function for the account they prefer to delete. Now, open the guide and follow the account removal process.
  • The website contains limited pages to help the users with account erasing process for different websites and services. JustDelete.Me is far more user-friendly than AccountKiller due to which it has gained significant preference in the network of

To erase an old account with the help of JustDelete.Me, the users must search their account on the website and open the option for account deletion. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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