How is AI Expected to Change Marketing?

Most marketers fear to lose their jobs, expecting that robots will take over soon. However, the reality is that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the way marketing professionals work. The technology is here to revolutionize the industry and ease your job, not to ruin it.

In this article at IDC, Kathleen Schaub explains the advantages of AI in marketing and how it will influence the marketing world.

Marketing Automation

Earlier, the automation systems for marketing used to produce immense data, but it was unexploited. But now, AI utilizes this data for massive marketing applications. Let’s identify how else AI can apply unused marketing data to deliver results:

  • Reduced Repetitive Tasks: AI will reduce human effort by automating the repetitive tasks of digital marketing and data analytics. Be it target audience segmentation, email subject line, content optimization, or ad bidding, each tedious task will be automated soon.
  • Guide to Improve Outcomes: Automation will fasten the monotonous tasks and help in delivering quality outcomes by assisting marketers in making the right decisions. It will improve the efficiency of humans to utilize further in accomplishing more complex tasks.
  • New Opportunities: AI promotes human and machine collaboration as automation is impossible without human support. Humans are proficient in working with data codes, governance, and stewardship. The advanced technology will not only bring new opportunities for the marketers but also for data scientists.
  • Improve Skills: Humans are blessed with creative thinking, solving critical issues, making informed decisions while strategizing innovative ideas. So, instead of wasting time on tedious tasks, the human brain can be efficiently utilized in creative marketing efforts while machines will quickly reduce their physical effort.

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