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Find Out Solutions for Your Virtual Team Communications

Virtual team communications have spiked over the years because organizations are recruiting remote talents more. It is true that it becomes tough to handle remote resources with Skype, Zoom, and email. In this article at PM Tips, Elizabeth Harrin shares five solutions for your virtual team communications.

Get a Grip on Your Virtual Team Communications

Virtual team communications have enabled us to stay connected with people working from remote locations. However, there are some challenges too. Here are the solutions to streamline your virtual team communications:

Marking Your Availability: The majority of the virtual team communications applications have these indicators that reveal your online presence. While you can change your availability status manually, it automatically shows you busy during a video call. Make it a standard practice that all team members need to inform when they are unavailable at their desks. You can also ask on chat if they are available for an urgent task before assigning.

Setting a Response Deadline: The issue with virtual tools is that you cannot control the response time. You might want an immediate response but must wait for the other person to come online. Set a response deadline within which you can expect a reply.

Working with Multiple Time Zones: You must ensure smooth handovers for around-the-clock services you promised the customers. Apart from the time zones in the tools, set another set of clocks on your phone. Avoid making the same people stay up late for meetings and take turns. Avoid sending emails beyond work hours for people in different time zones. Use the overlapping hours for handovers and meetings.

Getting Rid of Conflicts: It is common to mistake one’s request as a demand. Maintain a delicate balance between being specific and polite. If you think your message is getting misconstrued, call up the person, and clarify your stand.

Learning to Leverage Tools: Though it is hard to find people that are technologically challenged nowadays, you should not take the skill on face value. Ask around if your team members are facing problems with the virtual team communications tool.

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