6 Ways CIOs Can Adapt to a Business Leader’s Role

Be it exceeding the client expectations or highlighting teams’ effort in the organization, CIOs make adequate effort to stage their leadership skills. However, their efforts don’t attract recognition and applauds everytime.

In this article at IVY Exec, Rachel Lake suggests some proactive ways for CIOs to highlight their potential and suitable for a business leader’s role. Learn smart ways to gain recognition and become indispensable.

Right Way to Become Indispensable

Being the IT leader, a CIOs’ role is not just to lead IT-specific initiatives or technical glitches, but also to extend support to the CFOs and executives. Here is how you can become indispensable CIO at work:

  • Embrace New Challenges: Upbeat workplaces are almost 30 percent more productive than dreary places. People fall for positive influences, and an optimistic mindset can even help you deliver great work. So, adopt a solution-focused approach and try to moderate the initial reaction when an unexpected situation occurs.
  • Seek New Perspectives: Business leaders make deliberate efforts and seek new ways to contribute to the profitability of organizations. To initiate a significant approach towards it, evaluate your organization’s profitability first and then initiate innovative ideas to improve it. By offering a solution to improve weak areas, you will get recognition as a critical contributor.
  • Constant Innovation: Being an IT leader, you are very well aware of the significance of innovation for your role. So, come up with creative ideas to showcase your team’s efficiency and distinguish yourself from your counterparts.
  • Voice Your Ideas: A communication gap is the prime reason for failures. Many teams suffer due to a lack of clarity. So, focus on honing your skills to lift the standard of communication within the organization and with peers. Also, develop active listening skills to respond to the people with the right attitude and carefully framed answers.
  • Develop New Skills: To stand apart from the rest, focus on acquiring new skills to work in favor of your role. Follow ongoing trends in your industry and make efforts to learn new technical and interpersonal skills to implement those trends in your team or organization.
  • Be Reliability: Demonstrate integrity and compassion towards your work. Remain truthful, ethical, and considerate about your position and continue working hard to achieve your goals. Your internal reputation as an ideal professional will influence seniors to give you a chance to work as a business leader.

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