IT Governance

5 Areas to Harmonize IT & Business Governance

Without business governance, it is tough for IT to gain meaningful outcomes and execute active management. Likewise, no business can implement strong governance without IT support. The venture will eventually fail. In this article at Improve ITM, the author explains the relevance of standardizing IT and business governance for the growth and success of an organization.

Process Governance

Break down business processes and explore ways to align IT and business governance practices. Review IT and business governance across these five areas:

  • Strategy: In big corporates, the business strategies define the preferred future state of the business, existing gaps, and actions required to eliminate the gaps. If an organization aims at offering standard services for global companies, the business strategies must include service and product strategy. Similar rule applies to the IT strategy.
  • Business & IT Architecture: The organizations must align their group level business and IT architectures. The group IT architecture includes data, application, and technical components, while the group business architecture entails governance, structure, business processes, etc.
  • Budgeting: It is the responsibility of the CFO to implement robust controls with the help of CIOs to ensure controlled budget. Harmonization of the IT and the overall budgeting governance is crucial to attaining this strategy.
  • Projects: To run a project successfully at the group level, IT, business, and PMO governance become significant. Thus, business and IT at ‘the group level’ must ensure the smooth execution of trade. IT at ‘the member level’ must work for the successful delivery of projects at the group level.
  • Service Centers: Collaboration is mandatory to run centralized activities between a group level business process and IT interface. Without synergy between the two, the service centers will fail. So, it the responsibility of the CIOs to take care of the exceptional instances.

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