How to Win Customer Loyalty Post Data Breach?

The data breach is a security incident when confidentially protected data is accessed or disclosed to an unauthorized person. Mostly, identity theft or data breach occurs in a big organization’s secure database.

In this article at Digital Information World, the author explains the significance of proactive approaches to maintain cybersecurity infrastructure. A small incident of a data breach may lose forever the trust of loyal consumers.

A Series of Slip-Ups

Emails are one of the prime sources of a data breach. To prevent such human errors, create explicit policies and procedures in the organization. A ‘data breach response plan’ can subside the expected harm and prevent the future recurrence of the same incident. Here are a few essential measures to make a difference:

  • Be aware of the complex regulations of ‘data breach notification laws’ to protect consumers across the globe. It is crucial to understand how the laws affect your data breach response plan. Always ensure that customers across different states comply with state laws. Also, try to discuss these laws with your company attorney who understands data breach notification and the legislation updates.
  • Assess the source and scale of the data security breach by analyzing the hacker’s purpose and consequences of the violation. A simple rundown of data can answer your doubts about the severity of the offense. Be ready to redesign your security infrastructure to protect customer data.
  • It is the ethical obligation of a company to honor its customer’s privacy rights. To do so, go beyond the regulations and present your customers with a clear assessment of the scenario. Let them know your strategy to fix the breach and keep your promise intact.

Drafting Breach Notification

It is the formal email sent by the company to alert the customers about the security breach. As you develop the email, consider your consumers as humans first and get the notification right. Here is the catch:

  • As you write to your consumers, understand their helplessness to empathize. Sincerely apologize and take complete responsibility for the breach.
  • Be transparent with your consumers and guide them to check the status of their data. Direct them to more documentation that details the breach and the company’s in-depth response.
  • To regain trust in your company, the customers need specifics about the efforts you are making to update the present security infrastructure. Clearly define the steps you are taking for internal accountability while collaborating with the external experts to drive actionable change.
  • Offer to pay for an identity protection plan to reduce the fallout for each customer.
  • Be generous and extend gratitude to loyal customers at the end of the email. Offer them a discount on their next purchase or monthly service.

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