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Why is PPM Adoption a Complicated Task?

Leading organizations understand the importance of restructuring the PPM process. A crucial component of an effective PPM initiative is to involve the entire project team in the implementation efforts.

In this article at OGX Consulting, the author explains that only few selected individuals take project management decisions and responsibilities. This may trigger a host of issues like misaligned internal priorities, lack of team empathy, and a lack of interest in optimizing the PPM process.

Barriers to PPM Adoption

Company culture is one of the most significant obstacles to PPM adoption. Internal politics may reduce the frequency and speed of the PPM adoption process. A less experienced PPM or naive project manager may lack the skills and knowledge to form an ideal strategy for PPM adoption. Inadequate understanding of the PPM process leads to inefficiency in conveying its benefits across the organization.

Overcoming Barriers

Sometimes taking the steep path is the prime requisite. No wonder, PPM adoption of modern technique represents several lingering issues. So, here is a list of smart ideas to overcome the barriers to PPM adoption:

  • Find out the root cause of the uneven company culture. Identify if the cultural issues happen due to organizational politics or other factors and strategize ways to fix them.
  • Execute a bespoke PPM strategy to address the knowledge gap. Offer specialized lifecycle training courses to the project managers.
  • Some project managers assume that PPM adoption will take away their control over the project. However, with the modern PPM adoption and implementation, managers are not losing control, but they can handle the nitty-gritty of every project.

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