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How Does ITSM Turn IT into a Value Center?

The current state of IT service management (ITSM) is challenging. Experts call it the fourth industrial revolution. Leaders are not predicting the future anymore as they are busy inventing it.

In this article at ITSM Tools, John Clark and his co-author Kathleen Wilson share their perspective about the modernized ITSM and how it has transformed its base from a cost center to a value center.

ITSM Transformation

Most businesses look for agility, innovation, and reduced cost to suffice the growing market demand. Digital transformation helps in engaging customers better, improving products and services, empowering employees, and optimizing operations.

Demonstrate Value

To succeed in the current market scenario, IT organizations need to remove their self-imposed roadblocks and extend support towards digital transformation. This changed mindset will help the IT support and service desk in demonstrating their true business worth. Here is a list of ways for IT support and service desk to demonstrate their value:

  • Customer Service: Not just customers, but employees also need excellent IT services to serve the organization better. So, consider the employees as first customers and shift focus from service level agreements (SLAs) to employee experience. Measure employee productivity as the ROI for ITSM and aim for serving the employees better who can reciprocate the same to the customers.
  • Eliminate Silos: Often, infrastructure, operations, and support teams are not aligned. Thus, the employees continue waiting for the IT division to respond. Lack of knowledge sharing, experience, and service awareness make the employees ignorant of the valuable services they are getting. So, keep them well-informed.
  • Knowledge Management: Establish a process that collects accurate knowledge and shares it with employees appropriately. Also, ensure if all the teams are well-informed to increase the apparent value.
  • Switch to Automation: Manual processes waste enough time and energy. So, take advantage of automation for efficient handling of issues, reducing human error while executing repetitive tasks and data manipulation.
  • Increase Visibility: Without having far-off visibility into what services your employees-customers consume, it would be tough to resolve issues in the dark.
  • Technology Management Business: With the help of cloud applications, managing IT would be more like a business transaction. These applications are flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient as they are based-on unit consumption. It will help the IT division to manage the costs better.

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