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How CIOs Can Cope with IT Global Talent Crisis Now

With every new technology coming up on the horizon, the IT global talent crisis becomes more acute. The unemployment rate is high, but CIOs are not finding the right candidates. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder shares twelve ways by which CIOs can cope with the IT global talent crisis now.

Working on the IT Global Talent Crisis

Instead of being anxious, it is time that the CIOs whipped up strategies to address the IT global talent crisis. Here are twelve ways you can solve it:

Keep Them Motivated: The Weather Channel VP Chris Huff recommends that you motivate employees by keeping them interested.

Train and Mentor: University of Alabama CIO Curt Carver sets aside 3 percent of his budget on training. Adobe CIO Cynthia Stoddard observes that training programs maintain an innovative work culture.

Get the Right Candidate: SunTrust Banks CIO Anil Cheriyan prioritizes candidates that have business knowledge, facilitate change, and are keen on problem-solving. You require well-rounded hires more than technical experts.

Make Work More Meaningful: SAS CIO Keith Collins trains his staff on new technologies to thrive in the age of IT global talent crisis.

Have an Agile Strategy Model: Carver changes his strategy model every 12 to 18 months. You need to update the organizational model to stay dynamic.

Stress on Projects, Not Roles: SAP Fieldglass CTO Vish Baliga observes that millennials want to explore. So, prioritize projects more than roles to address the IT global talent crisis.

Network More: Earthlink CIO and product officer Jay Ferro socializes and attracts talents by participating in speaking forums.

Leverage Open Source Community: The Weather Company CIO Bryson Koehler remarks that open source is a ‘magnet for talent’.

Select Them Early: To address the IT global talent crisis, several companies are investing in schools and selecting the best out of the lot.

Discover the Real Power of Diversity: Diversity does not mean hiring people to fulfill corporate diversity goals. Practice diversity by believing in its innate power of innovation.

Build a Good Rapport with the HR: CIOs must frequently meet with the HR team to identify the best hires.

Deliver What You Promised: Vanguard CIO John Marcante remarks that you must reward the talents that stayed loyal to you during this period of IT global talent crisis.

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