Data Engineering Loopholes: A Threat to Cybersecurity

A constant threat of cyber breach surrounds organizations using modern technology for business innovation. Thus, cybersecurity is a matter of sincere attention for the board members.

In this article at Compare the Cloud, Dancun Kingori explains that loopholes or gaps in data engineering may pose a threat to the information security system of an organization.

Bridge the Gap

Data engineering is an essential aspect of data science that aims at the practical application of data collection and analysis. A data engineer or business owner must remain well-informed of the loopholes (if any). Any gap in information security may impose significant threats to the overall security system of the organization. Here is a list of smart ways to identify the loopholes:

  • Overreliance on Mobile Technology: Mobile technology is more than a need for the users as they have become dependent on smartphones and devices. The excessive use of mobile phones for online transactions has weekend cybersecurity. It is a blessing in disguise, as mobile technology has made it much easier for hackers to access your confidential information.
  • Social Media Attacks: Social media is a powerful medium for digital marketing and data engineering. However, you cannot overlook social media cyber-attacks. Sharing a lot of information from one platform to the other, embedded with links, may cause malware. The cybercriminals leverage your fondness for social media channels as an open prospect to ‘water holing’ attacks. It is dangerous enough to infect a cluster of websites at the same time.
  • Social Engineering: It is the process of gaining access to confidential information through psychological manipulation. Be it social networking or general interactions on social media, people are willing to transmit data from one network to another. This reshuffle creates a cyber loophole for social engineering to pose informational security risks. It is a malicious intrusion to private information that can cause dangerous consequences.
  • Corporate Data Leakage: Some organizations allow their employees to use their own at work. It is easy for hackers to steal confidential data on their devices through an ignorant employee. So, it is pivotal to organize cyber education seminars and training for the employees to keep them aware of the loophole.
  • Outdated Security Software: It is one of the most dangerous cyber threats. Constant exchange of data on multiple online platforms creates a loophole that is easy to track through outdated security software. It can disrupt your overall security system. The security up-gradation aims at decoding the cyber threats without impacting the saved data.
  • Best Device Configuration: It is alarming that a secure configuration setting can cause a significant data breach. Some organizations overlook simple instructions that turn big later. So, it is essential to learn how a simple click of a button can open your system up for threats and attacks.

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