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Agile Ways to Knock-off Project Management Obstacles

Vision for project success is an art that all project managers do not possess. Most projects are complicated and not aligned appropriately. When a go-getter project manager leads a complicated task without clearly communicating his vision to the team, the real problem arises.

In this article at Strategy Execution, Susanne Madsen uncovers the most common project management roadblocks that are preventing the project success.

A Reliable Approach

From meeting deadlines to resolving daily issues to ensuring seamless project execution, a project manager has way too much to look after. The role includes a fair bit of stress that may disrupt the fundamental objectives of the project, if not managed effectively. Here are some common project roadblocks and smart ways to address them:

  • Poor Business Acumen: Many project managers lack the skills to take off a considerable project. For small projects, limited knowledge and abilities may work, but for the complex big one, the same approach will not work best. To overcome this roadblock, the project managers must spend enough time in gaining subject matter expertise. Invest time in learning from the end-users and operational staff to understand key business processes.
  • Anxious to Lead: Lack of leadership skills may also turn into a significant roadblock. Due to a lack of self-confidence, project managers remain distracted from the project’s purpose and vision. Overcome this barrier by working on smart ways to boost self-confidence and leadership qualities. Seek help from an experienced project coach to strengthen and identify your leadership abilities and put efforts to hone your skills.
  • Failure in Vision Sharing: Some managers understand the project vision but fail to share it with the team. This is the reason their teams lack project purpose and interest. To overcome this roadblock, stakeholders and teams must share their constant feedback with the project managers. Also, encourage them to clarify the project vision, when required.
  • Dearth of Strategic Alignment: This roadblock occurs due to unclear project purpose or vision. Mostly the project sponsors are responsible for it. To overcome this barrier, the project managers must use their business acumen and leadership skills to resolve project issues internally.

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