5 Cybersecurity Certifications to Bridge Skill Gap

In the last couple of decades, the IT industry has received professional certifications in abundance. Whenever there is a skill gap, a range of vocational courses are available online to bridge it.

In this article at Help Net Security, Simona Petrella explains how a certification determines if an individual or candidate is eligible to bypass cyberthreats. However, unlike other professions, there is no specific exam or license to help you get a seamless entry into the cybersecurity space.

Value of Certification

The significance of cybersecurity certification is real, if exercised appropriately. There are a couple of most popular certifications by the US government that may help you bag your desired position in a big firm. Here is a list of certifications to consider:

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional: It is one the most sought-after certifications for penetration testers. However, the practical certification demands dedicated preparation in terms of training and examination. The OSCP certification needs 5-8 months of preparation. Those who want to be a pen tester can pursue this certification.
  • Certification Cloud Security Professional: The requirement for CCSP grew with the rise in migration of businesses to the cloud. The organizations struggling to secure their data on the cloud can offer their employees to do CCSP certification and secure their data.
  • Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control: The CRISC certification prepare professionals to help their organizations identify and understand emerging business risks. The risk managers can take this certification to become a perfect fit for the industry.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst (Plus) Certification: The CySA+ certification is a practical pursuit for those eyeing 26,000+ active job openings of the US Cybersecurity Analysts. The certification is designed to aid, detect, respond, and detail cybersecurity threats.
  • Certified Information Security Manager: Ideal for organizations and professionals with a vision to fulfill managerial roles in cybersecurity, the CISM certification can make you a cyber leader. Those who master this accreditation become eligible to hold a senior leadership role.

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