Why is Compassionate Leadership Essential?

Every workplace culture is inhabited by a mix of feeling human feelings. While some employees may be highly elated or excited with their job, there might be others who are suffering due to work pressure, stress or any other factor. If left untreated or ignored, such employees may turn unproductive and might endure personally as well. This is the reason why many company premises have a therapy centre these days to deal with the highly stressed or suffering employees.

In this article at Forbes, Laurel Donnellan talks about her journey and transition from a sympathetic leader to a compassionate leader. She further states that compassion is the need of the hour today.

Why Be Compassionate?

Donnellan has been a trainer of leadership development skills for four decades. During this period, her leadership style gradually transitioned from sympathy to empathy to compassion. Initially, during her teens, her experience with her college professors or colleagues at the hospitality industry taught her the value of sympathy. Thus, she learned to express pity and sorrow for people’s sufferings. This approach allowed her to maintain a distance from the sufferings.

Around her 40’s, she learned about failure through her own entrepreneurship experience and social influences. While working as a Franklin/Covey facilitator, she started using empathy in the workplace. She understood and shared the feelings of others and used empathy as a coaching, and culture change. However, overuse of empathy can lead to tension.

Right now, in her fifties, she’s trying to embrace compassion in her professional life. Being compassionate enables one to relate to others’ problems and help them solve it amiably. Donnellan suggests during the ‘compassion continuum’ where she sympathizes with the sufferings first. Then she shares the feelings and finally provides some advices or tips as an act of compassion.

To read the original article in detail, click on the following link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laureldonnellan/2019/10/30/the-road-to-compassion-at-work/#259d435fca25


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