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Which Project Management Style Suits You More?

Your project management style decides the attitude of your team. Not only do you encourage the teammates to grow as a team but also individually. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Tucker Sauer-Pivonka shares five project management styles. Find the one that suits you more.

Popular PM Styles

Every leader has a project management style. Maybe your type of management needs a little upgrade. Out of the five mentioned below, discover the project management style that suits you more:

Are You Result-Oriented? The result-oriented project management style allows your team to work without much interference. You trust that the members are responsible adults that can get their work done without your resorting to micromanagement. While it improves accountability and team trust, some people feel abandoned and unsupported. So, have an open discussion about how you want to run the unit.

Are You Democratic? You prefer discussing everything project-related with the team. You believe that the members have the same amount of maturity, experience, and decision-making abilities as you have. If your department is what you think it is, you can build more trust and come up with better solutions. However, you still need to lead them. Discuss only those points that need team involvement. You can take a call for other topics yourself.

Are You Transformational? You encourage people to push their boundaries. You always inspire people to have an active learning curve. This attitude can help team members to become the top performers of the company. It is ideal for startups and innovative companies. The catch is, your team members tend to burn themselves out to overcome their challenges. Allow them to slow down some time.

Are You a Servant Leader? You take care of your team members. You are more concerned about their health than results. You will do anything to make the team feel comfortable while they work. This project management style is a favorite among the teams. Nonetheless, this attitude can make teammates ignore work responsibilities because you are busy being friends with them.

Are You Transactional? You announce rewards for everything to keep people efficiently deliver their work. While this helps paint a clear picture, the habit is not right in the long run. If you appreciate the teammates with anything other than a transaction, they will feel ignored.

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