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Remember These 4 Points While Sharing Project Status with Clients

Project status lets the clients track the progress of your project. Usually, nobody except for the team members is aware of the finer points of a project. So, there is a risk of oversharing or under-sharing project details. In this Mindiply article, Francesco Marcatto discusses four points that you should remember while sharing project status with the clients.

Pointers to Communicate It Right

Are you still using project status in spreadsheets and minutes? Companies are doing away with these conventional methods. We also tend to overlook the fact that clients’ knowledge about the project is not as extensive as ours. To make your project status intelligible and engaging, keep in mind the following four points:

Get Rid of Complicated Terminologies: You and the team are used to project-specific jargon and complex technical terms, unlike the clients. Use generic words in the project status that anyone can understand. Construct sentences and phrases that they can easily digest.

Be Specific: When you are using spreadsheets and minutes, the clients must read through the entire document to get the gist. Complicating the communication channel also develops further confusion. Shorten your text length or add bullets to make your project status more specific.

Use Graphics: Clients hardly have time to go through several pages of project data. They also need to oversee other projects and hold regular checkpoints. So, the best way to communicate status is a display chart. Walk the stakeholders through the displayed information for clarity. Explain the details once they ask for it in the meetings.

Create Timelines: Depict in the timeline the milestones you have accomplished. You can also utilize online tools to create smart schedules. Should the clients want to be more in-depth, you can click on the specific task to get details.

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