How to Lead the Sustainability Drive?

Sustainability is the need of the hour today for most C-suite executives. Considering the climate crisis, most organizations are concentrating their efforts on strategizing their sustainability plan and revaluating their internal processes to drive the change. To execute this change, the leadership in every organization must implement the essential environmental pre-requisites.

In this article at CIO, Charlotte Trueman shares some insights from the 2019 CIO Summit where the CIOs and CTOs talked about their role in this sustainability campaign.

The Three-Fold Impact

Trueman talked about some real-time instances given by few senior executives at the 2019 CIO Summit to illustrate the importance of a sustainability plan. Let’s look at these case studies:

Mission Intact

The current CTO of HealthUnlocked, Joe McFadden shared his experience of leading the sustainability efforts in his previous job as the CTO of the Royal Opera House. He realized the importance of a sustainability campaign there and was quick enough to implement it. He developed a three-fold strategy focused on people, places and production. This plan helped the organization to review their energy footprint by changing the international supply chain process, thereby saving good amount on the annual energy cost.

The Circular Effect

Mattie Yeta, Government Sustainable ICT Lead at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs believes that the technology sector can reduce the global emissions by 15 percent. Such a drive can save 600 million euros and generate other economic benefits worth 1.8 trillion euros. This economic boost can further generate 22,000 annual employment opportunities.

Lessons Learned

There is much ambiguity about the source and disposal of ICT waste globally. This geopolitical issue has captured the attention of many as the amount associated with such ICT waste is equal to the GDP of a small-sized nation like Croatia or Bulgaria. Thus, Adam Turner, HMG Lead for Sustainable and Digital Services has focused his sustainability target on everything from waste to travel, paper and other procurement.

Every C-suite executive at the 2019 CIO Summit believed that IT has a major role to play in the sustainability campaigns worldwide. To read more about these discussions in detail, click on the following link: https://www.cio.co.uk/it-leadership/how-can-cios-help-their-organisations-embrace-sustainability-efforts-3776942/

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