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5 Things to Include in Your Project Manager Resume

A project manager manages what is messy, believes in end-to-end performance, and remains highly organized. If you have these characteristics, you are fit for the role. In this article at the Muse, Jaclyn Westlake shares five things that you must include in the project manager resume.

Preparing the Project Manager Resume

Be it construction, IT, engineering, retail, e-commerce, or finance—all sectors need project managers. Below are the five things to include in your project manager resume:

Include Relevant Keywords: When you email an employer or upload the resume online, it goes through an applicant tracking system (ATS). Include keywords like scope, budget, etc. that are everyday terminologies in a project management environment. The ATS will shortlist and forward your resume to the recruiter. While every sector will have keywords unique to the field, some words are shared. For example, analysis, budgeting, business case, change management, client communication, data analysis, data modeling, deadlines, etc.

Highlight Your Achievements in the Form of Metrics: Metrics are the results of the questions you have posed for each. Do not merely state that you have managed so and so projects. Mention the budget, outcome, timeline, and resource strength of the projects. Follow a simple formula—’compelling verb + job duty + outcome or accomplishment.

Set the Right Application Layout: The majority of the resumes have a linear format. The recent experience will be at the top of the order. However, if you have been trying several job fields, arrange your experience based on the domain you are applying for. You do not want the recruiter to hunt for relevant experience in the resume.

Specify Your Technical Capabilities and Methodologies: Undoubtedly, you have tried various project management methodologies in your career. Mention all of them. Apart from the project management skills, recruiters would also look for your personal areas of expertise. Working knowledge in Microsoft Project, Asana, Jira, SharePoint, or Trello will look good on your project manager resume. If you have attended seminars or certification courses like PMP, Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP), etc., include them, too.

Remember the Basic Rules: Stick to one page, write a brief introduction, and create clear sections. Make it easy for recruiters to shortlist your resume. Review several times before sending it off. No matter how much experience you have, an error in the resume can tick off the hiring managers.

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