Willing to Work Part-Time? Let’s Go for It

In this age of start-up ventures or digital set-ups, most people struggle to take the initial step. The primary reason could be the risk of leaving their full-time employment. Starting a new venture or running an independent practice requires time. Which is why it often becomes impossible to do a full-time job and run your own venture simultaneously.

In this article at Girls Guide to PM, Elizabeth Harrin shares her own experience of switching over from a full-time employment to a part-time practice and the factors associated with it.

Why Difficult?

The author shares that most organizations have a different notion regarding part-time work culture. Some believe that it might overburden the rest of the team or impact the project’s growth. It also depends on how reassuring your manager is. Harrin shares that she was lucky enough to have a supportive manager post she had a family. Thus, she was able to work part-time and manager her professional and personal commitments well.

Is It Possible?

Harrin states that working part-time is possible, except for C-suite positions. The middle management roles have the scope of working part-time. Harrin shares some useful tips for people willing to do something on their own but lacking time. Let’s look at them:

  • Show your manager how your part-time work will not have any adverse effect on the team or office work.
  • Make sure that your manager values your contribution, not presence. Talk to him/her about flexibility or working from home.
  • Balance your work over the week so that you get some time off for your personal stuff.
  • Start an informal conversation with the team about your plan and work out a strategy that suits everyone.
  • Adhere to the policy and hours committed to work.
  • Working part-time might affect your pay and influence at work. Be prepared for that.

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