Willing to Change the Corporate Culture: 10 Principles to Do It

Every organization strives to build a healthy work environment for its employees. Therefore, a culture change or organizational culture is a popular topic of discussion in most corporate meetings. The senior management or leadership positions in every firm focus on removing the negative hurdles and pave the path to a positive and conducive work culture where people can willing collaborate, share ideas, and express their opinion. However, these inspirational plans are rarely implemented the way they were conceptualized.

In this article at Strategy+Business, Jon Katzenbach, Carolin Oelschlegel, and James Thomas tells us why a corporate change is difficult to change and shares some effective tips to start the ‘culture change’ process.

Is It Easy?

Corporate cultures are complex and difficult to change. They are built and based on years of repetitive behaviors, habits and practices. Thus, it becomes a time-consuming activity and takes lot of effort and strategic planning.

The 10 Pillars

The authors list down ten principles that are likely to help any organization effectively implement a culture change.

  1. You cannot replace a well-established culture, nor can you introduce a new one immediately. Try to work around the existing culture. Recognize and understand the hindrance factors and start revamping them.
  2. Follow a top-down message pattern and focus on changing the key behaviors including empowerment, collaboration and interpersonal relations.
  3. Be selective and pick the critical behaviors. Modify these critical behaviors into simple and practical steps.
  4. Identify informal leaders through surveys and encourage them to influence others’ behaviour.
  5. The top leadership in any company must follow the change principles that they wish to implement.
  6. Rather than driving the change through business discussions, try to project examples that communicate the same message. This way people can better relate to the changes required.
  7. Highlight the culture change impact on business immediately.
  8. Use social media platforms to spread new ideas and disseminate information.
  9. Ensure that your cultural initiatives align with the business goals.
  10. Maintain continuous monitoring and supervision to drive the culture change actively.

To read the original article in detail, click on the following link: https://www.strategy-business.com/feature/10-Principles-of-Organizational-Culture

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