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Why Does a Digital CIO Need Techno Graph?

Staying ahead in the digital game is the need of time today. Thus, most companies and C-suite executive are focussing their efforts on digital transformation initiatives to beat the competition and tap the largest digital consumer base. There are many new technologies like AI, IoT, DevOps and Multi Cloud that are dominating the digital space today. So, how do you kickstart your innovation journey and where should you concentrate your primary effort?

In this article at CIO, Yogesh Gupta shares some excerpts of an interview of Patricia Florissi – VP & Global CTO, Sales, Dell Technologies with Computer World that throws light on why every CIO needs a techno graph.

The Technology Effect

Patricia Florissi – VP & Global CTO, Sales, Dell Technologies states that digitization is another name for innovation. Thus, to steer your business ahead, organizations must think about their future and conceptualize innovative ways to lead the digital journey. She further explains that a modern CIO will have to deal with nine technology forces and why it’s best for them to design a techno graph. Here are some suggestions from her interview with ComputerWorld, a professional publication:

Some Recommendations:

  1. Florissi states that to create equilibrium and better product value, companies must lead a transformation program that involves all major business functions.
  2. She emphasizes that while selling workforce transformation solutions, Dell targets the preference of millennials to enhance customer experience. This thought process might include integrating AI to workstations.
  3. Florrisi doesn’t believe the machines are smarter than humans, nor does she accept that machines are going to replace humans. She states that technologies like AI will encourage people to learn new things and create high value products.

To read the full interview in detail , click on the following link:


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