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Here’s a Smart Approach to Manage Remote Resources’ Promotion

Promotion and appraisal of remote resources are not too different from the co-located team members. If the remote teams are constantly delivering desired results, they deserve a promotion.

In this article at, Jennifer Parris explains that the best way to acknowledge the effort of remote employees is by giving them promotions or appraisals.

A Legitimate Approach

Every organization has a corporate hierarchy based on which an employee advances and gets promoted. It is not just a way to acknowledge the inconsistent effort of the employee, but it is proof that the employee is efficient enough to take on more responsibilities. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Consider Overall Performance: There are multiple factors to consider, but the best and conventional one is judging the employees as per their overall performance. Consider factors like their tenure with the firm, qualification, and last promotion.
  • Company Rule: Follow the company guidelines for promotions based on the length of service. If you feel the employee outshines the current roles and responsibilities and has the efficiency to handle increased duties, draw a promotion letter immediately. However, knowing your company’s take on promotions is essential before pitching it to your senior management.
  • Build a Connection: Try to customize the process of promotion even if it is for the remote employees. Send a virtual meeting request to the employee that you would like to hold either on a call or video conference.
  • Celebrate the News: Share the big news of the remote resource’s promotion with other employees to encourage them.  Share it during a daily standup call or over email, but it should be done sooner rather than later.

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