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Embrace Startup Approach & Outshine in Your Next Project

Flat hierarchy, open discussions, and a creative approach to resolving an issue are the real essence of startup culture. To survive among small ventures, startups make their own rules to beat competitions.

In this article at Forbes, Matt Hulett explains the need for adopting startup culture, and how it may help the project managers innovate and excel in their next projects.

Agile Adversity of Startups

The author has gained adequate experience across lean startups and big MNCs. He observed how startups take small steps to innovate their strategic approach. Here are some observations that may help you deliver the desired outcome in your next project via startup methodology:

  • Keep the Team Small: While forming a team to work on a new project, make sure it does not exceed the limit of seven members. A small group can work flexibly and swiftly. Nonetheless, to achieve desired outcomes, the project leads must empower their team members to make quick decisions while scheduling regular check-ins with the stakeholders.
  • Drop Unwanted Habits: Top-down thinking always hinders innovation and creative excellence. The C-Suite executives are supposed to give a task to the team and not interfering in their work regularly. Being the project lead, you need to strategize ways to drive innovation while keeping executives distant from the team.
  • Powerful Incentives: A bootstrapped venture grows with vision and creative ideas. To achieve the desired results from your team, create incentives to encourage and inspire them to complete their work within the desired time. Also, never miss on appreciating their effort to achieve their targets.
  • Do Not Fear Failure: Keep your confidence intact, even in the worst possible scenario. Take your failure as an unique learning and transfer the same zeal to the team. Your disappointment may reflect on the team’s morale. Keep your head high in every situation as if you are resistant to failure.

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