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Agile Ways to Motivate Team for Long-Term Projects

Chances of getting lost are high in the long-term project. It is difficult for each team member to remain self-motivated throughout the year for a dreary project.

In this article at MultiBriefs Exclusive, Deborah Ike explains that waiting for a year or two to celebrate project completion may demoralize the team. So, be diligent and seldom organize small celebrations to motivate everyone in the team.

Dent on Project Budget?

The project managers cannot incur losses in a bid to encourage their teams. The budget remains a significant concern throughout the project end. So, here are some smart ways to rejoice team participation in a long duration project without misusing the project budget:

  • Bring on the Food: As the team covers a key milestone, organize a mini snack party to savor the moment. Get snacks for everyone while arranging tea or coffee from the office coffee machine to share a ‘me time’ with your team. However, make sure the team gets back to work soon.
  • Recognize Contributions: Pick top contributors from the team who made an extra effort to meet project sprint within the desired time. You can gift them a coffee mug or motivational desk accessory while appreciating them in front of the whole team.
  • Change the Scenery: Redesign the area where you take daily stand-ups. Give a facelift to the standard work area by adding a motivational scroller or poster to the dull setup. A minor change can boost the team’s morale to enter a new phase of the project.
  • Invite the Project Sponsor: Project managers get to interact with sponsors often. However, a humble visit from the project sponsor to appreciate the team’s effort can infuse new energy into the team.

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