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5 Pointers to Turn Down Soaring IT Challenges

The IT industry has been facing multiple challenges, even with the emergence of advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain. Thanks to the long-faced problems likely to affect in future also.

In this article published at ITSM.Tools, Daniel Card shares a list of challenges from the perspective of a CIO that may hamper the business growth, if not addressed fast. He also brings forth some impactful ways to combat these challenges.

Common Issues

Technology businesses and its management is broad and deep. Millions of micropayments occur across a range of loose-end systems. Therefore, it is essential to recognize and manage them smoothly. Here is a list of approaches to overcome challenges:

  • Leverage Workshops: You can leverage an array of sources to smoothly run, manage, and deliver knowledge sharing and training.
  • Improvement Blitzes: Set aside time and resources to understand what can be improved and to deliver agreed improvements. So, allow ‘focus time’ to deal with known issues, providing a break from the normal flow of work. Also, focus on resolving problems that may slow down the whole process of work.
  • Introduce Fun: Since employees spend a considerable amount of time at work, IT leaders need to bring out the best from them. To bring out a sound output, ensure that they have a passion for delivering quality. Imparting some fun elements in the monotonous work would bring desired outcomes. Engagement in an entertaining manner keeps people motivated and helps them learn more, using practical techniques.
  • Marketing: Think about various channels to get your vision and delivery of service to business consumers. Use ‘drop-in days,’ to leverage social media, and produce a magazine or newsletter. Make sure you are feeding the business with information about the team’s work in consumable formats. It is also essential to acknowledge the successful accomplishments of the teams and marketing is the best way to do it.
  • Know Your Digits: It is essential to realize that when you lead a team, establish a clear understanding of the operational landscape and the finances. You must have a broad-brush view of the breadth and depth of technology services provided by the department. Also, see how these equate to the cost and the revenue potential of the organization.

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