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Optimizing Time Should Not be a Huge Challenge! Here’s How

Google is packed with a range of time management tips and hacks. From blogs and vlogs to peer-reviewed papers, everything claims to save you enough hours of stress and lost productivity.

In this article at Slack, the author explains that even most of these proposed techniques are quite effective, most of them are too good to be true.

What’s the Right Approach?

The right approach depends on the people, preferences, tasks, and teams in question. Here are a range of common misconceptions as well as effective strategies to save your time:

  • Do Not Panic: It is not mandatory to accomplish urgent tasks first. The best approach is to get simple tasks out of your way first and build momentum before focusing on what really matters. Effective time management requires critical thinking to filter and order tasks by setting long-term goals, without avoiding prioritized stressful tasks.
  • Manage Attention: It is best to shift your attention towards managing tasks, not schedule. Even the most well-scheduled day can be thrown off completely if you are distracted, and it is not easy to regain focus. Try to reframe something you must do in terms of core values for stronger and sustained focus.
  • Benefits of Outcomes: A to-do list often works well as it gives the user a specific path to accomplish a particular outcome. However, giving a well-defined problem to the people with a clear solution can be oppressive. For a more open-ended approach to time management, try to focus on outcomes instead of tasks in hand. By opting a more outcome-based work culture, leaders can boost innovation across the organization.

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