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ITSM: From A Reactive Help Desk to Business-Aligned Strategy

Ideally, in any IT organization, the three stages of an ITSM program includes IT help desk, service desk, and business-aligned ITSM.

In this article at Tech Target, Dennis Drogseth explains that in a conventional reactive help desk, where the attendant deals with complaints mostly, establishing a healthy connection with the rest of the IT is almost impossible and their roles are invisible.

3 Stages of ITSM

An IT organization could be at any of these ITSM stages:

  • Help Desk: The customer service agents handle IT incidents and routines. They often demand the use of a trouble ticketing system for effective response and thorough reporting, about 50 percent of IT organizations still have a reactive help desk.
  • Service Desk: A dignified framework like ITIL shapes the delivery and measurement of integrated service desk with a much proactive approach than the conventional reactive one.
  • Business-Aligned ITSM: As the IT service desk functions as a center for non-IT division services like HR, facilities, and procurement, the progressive service desk has some of the core help desk capabilities. However, it is the fully evolved ITSM team that goes beyond the service desk to serve as a communication hub.

5 Tips to Evolve ITSM Strategy

Follow these five smart steps to move your ITSM program from a reactive help desk to business-aligned ITSM:

  • Form a team to take the ownership of your ITSM strategy’s progress while keeping a note of the stakeholder’s requirements.
  • Assess your organization’s current position, process, and technology without assuming a generic answer.
  • Ensure executive commitment to help people transform their conventional method of work.
  • Shortlist technologies appropriate to your most critical use cases but do so while understanding technology interdependencies.
  • Progress in all the three stages depending on the priority while constantly evaluating your next move going forward.

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